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The Richland County Master Gardener Association’s logo is the Rocky Shoals Spider Lily (Hymenocallis coronaria), also called the Cahaba Lily.

Who are We?

The Richland County Master Gardener Association (RCMGA) is a not-for-profit organization composed of volunteers whose goal is to promote and teach environmentally sound, research-based gardening practices to the citizens of Richland County, and to provide education to our members needed to accomplish our purpose. Our members have completed a Master Gardener program conducted by state extension service. We serve our county through such activities as assisting in the county extension office, giving educational programs to the public, and participating in community projects related to gardening.


♦2017 RCMGA Intern Guidelines (updated Aug 2017)♦


We offer a RCMGA Scholarship for the Clemson Master Gardener Program.

RCMGA Scholarship Application (updated 2016)

 Our Latest Project
Historic Pond House Trail Restoration and Enhancement



This project was made possible with a grant from RCCC and support from Clemson Institute for Economic & Community Development & Sandhill Research and Education Center, Richland County Master Gardeners and South Carolina Master Naturalists.  More info on this project will be coming.  Link info for Richland County Conservation Commission RCCC


Want to be a Master Gardener?


For information about applying for the Master Gardener classes, contact 803.865.1216 ext. 127. To learn more about the program, visit: Clemson Extension Master Gardeners.

Clemson-Tiger-Paw    Gardening Tips for Fall/Winter   Clemson-Tiger-Paw

• Keep pansies deadheaded.

• Read gardening catalogues and start planning for spring.

• Take a soil sample to Clemson Extension office.

• Add lime if soil sample indicates a need for it.

• It’s still not too late to plant spring bulbs.

• Cut out crossing and dead branches on trees and shrubs.

• Plant bare root trees-soak them overnight in water before planting.

• Move small trees or shrubs to new location.

• Remove spent camellia blooms to prevent petal blight.

• Apply post-emergent herbicide to control broadleaf weeds. Read the label.

• Sharpen garden tools with a file.

• Plan the garden using catalogs. Order seeds.

• Avoid pruning plants that seem damaged by sudden frost. Wait until spring to see what emerges




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